Scary Things Can Happen When You're A Freelancer

25 July 2014

When doing research to start freelancing we find so many articles on the web that give us advice. From how to get your first clients to sending invoices we are given tips every step of the way. One thing that isn't talked about a lot is danger.

If you aren't doing your work primarily on the web and you go to your client's offices there can be an element of danger or at the very least weirdness involved. I want to share a story about one of my very first freelancing gigs.

I was hired by an older (maybe 65 years old) chemist to help with the packaging of his product and social media. He wanted to meet in his office which I thought was fine as offices are generally public places. This was when I was still working full time so I took the morning off and went to this guy's office in Pacific Beach which is a cool San Diego neighborhood.

When I drove up to the address I was given I realized his office was a house. I went to college in Charleston, SC and many of my internships were in offices that are houses because it's the culture there and the same can be said for certain parts of San Diego so I wasn't worried.

When I got inside I did get slightly sketched out because this seemed like a residence and not an office at all. He eventually told me this was his home office and that he lived here with his wife who was at work.

We went into his home office and I got to work. After about an hour he called me into the kitchen and asked if I wanted a bottled water. While drinking it we began to have a conversation about how he got into entrepreneurship because I generally find these stories very interesting.

Eventually the conversation started to creep me out because he started talking about how unhappy he was with his wife, etc.

I told him I needed to finish my work for the day and leave. At this point he proceeded to turn his TV and play porn while looking at me and smiling.

I kid you not. I can't make this shit up.

I immediately went to grab my stuff and get the hell out of there when he came into his office with a check. He had the nerve to hand it to me and say that there was more where that came from if I wanted to work a little harder.

At this point I just headed to the door without responding to him. He asked if he could take a picture of me and I said no. Then I left.

The moral to the story is be careful as a female freelancer and carry pepper spray. Had this man been any crazier this story wouldn't be a funny one to share but a sad one.

By the way I took that check and cashed it that same day.

Don't Compare Yourself

24 July 2014

I'm so proud of  Brown Girl Bloggers. I'm happy that I created this platform and I'm so stoked to see it grow but a few weeks ago I realized I was doing something really unhealthy as a result of creating the site. I was comparing myself. 

Are You Afraid of Success?

23 July 2014

This is a real question that I want you to take a minute and reflect on.

Are you afraid of success?

Sometimes I wonder if I am and that's the God honest truth.

I sometimes feel that I sabotage myself by not working as hard as I could, not meeting the right people or telling myself something is impossible.

I'm sure we all feel this way sometimes but for whatever reason we try to hide it. Instead of doing that I want to embrace it because it's normal.

Now that I know the feeling is there I can attack it head on.

This week I've made a decision to grow my business by the end of the year. By December 31, 2014 I'll have a certain number of clients, employees and a certain work life balance. I'm not ready to share my exact goals on the blog today but you'll hear about them as the year goes on.

Whatever you think success is... go find it.

Are you afraid of success?

Too Career Driven To Have Fun On Twitter?

22 July 2014

I have a very toned down online personality. It was bought to my attention by a friend of mine recently who asked why I'm not fun on Twitter. Apparently I'm Crazy Candice in real life and Professional Candice online.

The honest truth is that I'm always worried about how I'm perceived on social media. I think my online presence is a balancing act. Kind of like mixing prints.

What To Do When: Your Money is Funny

21 July 2014

I think it's time that I started blogging about money again. I used to blog about how Kyle and I are getting out of debt but I stopped for some reason.

Today's subject is funny money. When I say funny money I mean unpredictable money.

As a freelancer and business owner it can sometimes be hard to predict my income but I usually have an idea of how much money is coming in at the beginning of the month.

The funny money in my household is because of my husband's job.

He's in the Navy so you would think his paycheck is easy to predict and always right but that is not the case. His check has been wrong every single month this year.

So, how do we plan when we can't?

We make sure to save extra money from each paycheck in case his is so wrong that it can't cover the basic bills (which has happened before.)

We usually sit down together and look at what's estimated to come in and take out enough money for our monthly bills. Once we do that we separate our money into what's for spending and what's for saving. We have several different savings accounts including our just in case fund.

If for some reason we bring in less than we predicated we spend less. We do not save less and we don't get behind on our bills.

I've found that this strategy works the best for us.

What do you do when your money is funny?
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