4 Steps I Take So That I Keep My Work Life Balance During Self Employment

14 May 2014

As I'm coming up on my third month of full time self employment I've found myself contemplating work life balance quite a bit.

One of the reasons I started working for myself full time was because I wanted to avoid having a job take over my entire life as I've mention here, here and here. One of the things I hate is being stuck in a building for eight hours a day 5 to 6 days a week and so I'm building a life where that won't happen.

But I still work. A lot.

I won't lie I didn't realize I would work so much because when this was just my side hustle as opposed to my real job I wasn't putting as much effort into it.

I now publish more blog posts, have more clients over at Social Creative Studios and pitch to publications more regularly. I'm always going to meetings, writing for clients or working for myself.

And the cherry on top is Kyle's military career. That's almost like having a second job with the stress it brings.

Recently I've been getting so many opportunities that I had to take a step back and decide how to make my normal life and my work life come together seamlessly.

Here are a few tips and tricks from moi on how I balance everything.

Make Work Fun

I really do love my job. I love creating content for this blog and I love take pictures for the style side as well. Recently I've had some opportunities to work with great photographers and instead of thinking of it as work I'm thinking of it as a quick pit stop during my day before heading to the mall.

When working for clients I think of myself as a hero saving them from horrible content. Corny, I know, but it works for me.

Work During The Best Times For You

I do most of my work at night and in the morning. Of course I do a few things during the day but when it's nice out I just really want to be outside. It doesn't help that I live in sunny SoCal. I just can't stay inside.

That's why I've structured my day so that I do most of my writing in the morning before noon and the rest of my work at night once the sun has gone down. I get meetings, social media and speaking engagements done throughout the day. This works for me but it wouldn't work for someone who isn't a morning person.

I go to the beach, a coffee shop or a public park when I have to work during the day so I still get the benefit of being outside.

Set Strict Work Hours & Don't Work Outside Of Them

I have this really bad habit of taking phone calls and checking my emails when I'm not working. It doesn't help that work is also connected to Twitter, Instagram and every other social media account.

During certain hours I do not check my email. I have it on my phone so I turn it off because it gets really distracting when I'm trying to enjoy the company of my friends or my man.

My work hours vary every week but on Sunday night I sit down and map out the entire week so I know what's going on. In my particular case I also have to make sure my schedule doesn't coincide with Kyle's since his is in no way flexible the way mine is.

With all of this being said...

Realize That Life & Work Are One As An Entrepreneur 

When you work for someone else you usually have the benefit of clocking out at 5pm but when you are your business it isn't that easy. I find myself working even when I shouldn't be. Just the other day I was at the mall with Kyle when I started talking with this lady and handed her my business card. That was marketing.

One day while I was getting a pedicure a client called about his website not working. I had to handle it.
And sometimes there are issues with my blog when I'm hanging with my friends and I stop what I'm doing to fix it.

The reality is when I traded working inside a building for eight hours for the freedom of enjoying my day I made a choice to take my work with me.

What steps do you take to make sure you're business and work life are balanced


  1. I'm not an entrepreneur, but the way I keep my business (blog) and work (school & job) balanced is by setting structure, as you advised, and giving myself breaks in between. If it's a big project that needs to be done or a lengthy blog post that has to be published on a certain day, I like to YouTube an album (e.g. Toni Braxton or John Legend) and listen to it from top to bottom until the project at hand is complete. Since most albums are about an hour or so long, I get way more done than if I tried to sit in complete silence and do it.


  2. Both of those are good suggestions. I'm one of those people who usually works in silence so I'm going to turn my music on next time.


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