Dear Freelancer Writer: Do You Have Health Insurance?

15 May 2014

This isn't really a post about me but instead about you. I'd like to know the type of health insurance you use and how it works for you.

I'm under 26 and so I'm still on my mom's insurance. It doesn't cost her anything extra so it's a win win situation for us both.

In July I'll be married to a service member so I'll still have insurance.

It hasn't been something I've ever had to worry about but I know life throws curve balls so I'd love to hear how others handle that dilemma when working for themselves.

I'm sure others want to know as well.

So tell me. What type of health insurance do you have? 


  1. Right now I'm still covered under my travel insurance as I'm technically a tourist in America, but health insurance is definitely something we have to figure out if my husband doesn't go back into the military. I hate that responsible part of being an adult. BTW I noticed you're doing multiple postings a day now, but to be honest it's a little hard to keep up as a reader! Maybe consider spacing out a little bit more?

  2. For some reason I thought it was a done deal that he was returning.

    Either way I'm sure you guys will figure it out but at least you have insurance.

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm trying to work out the multiple post thing. I'll def keep what you said in mind.


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